1. The ENplus® certification is managed either by a National Licenser or by the EPC. If the country of your company is listed in the table below, then ENplus® is managed by a National Licenser. In that case, please follow the appropriate link in the table below. If your country is not listed, please proceed for direct certification with EPC as described below the table.

National pellet associations that license ENplus®

Austria proPellets Austria www.enplus-pellets.at  Tel: +43 2233 70146-0
Canada WPAC www.pellet.org  Tel: +1 250 837-8821
Czech Rep. Czech Pellet Cluster www.ceska-peleta.cz  Tel: +420 724 611 316
Denmark ProPellets Denmark www.enplus-pellets.dk  Tel: +45 29 41 21 04 (mob)
France PROPELLET France www.enplus-pellets.fr Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 70 44 28
Germany DEPI www.enplus-pellets.de  Tel: +49 30 6881599-55
Italy AIEL www.enplus-pellets.it  Tel: +39 049 88 30-722
Lavia LATbio www.enplus-pellets.lv  Tel : +371 299 299 22
Lithuania LitBioma www.biokuras.lt  Tel: +37 069965049 (mob)
Portugal ANPEB www.anpeb.pt  Tel: +35 1 253510 239
Spain AVEBIOM www.pelletenplus.es  Tel: +34 983 113 760
Switzerland proPellets Switzerland www.enplus-pellets.ch  Tel: +44 250 88 11
UK UK Pellet Council www.pelletcouncil.org.uk  Tel: +44 20 7925 3580


2. Select a certification body.

3. For producers: select an inspection body and sign an inspection contract for annual production control.

4. Download and fill in the application form. There are forms for producers, traders and service providers as well as data sheets for plants, vehicles, bagging stations, remote pellet store, service providers, affiliated companies. The forms can be completed electronically with Adobe Reader XI. The application forms include the license contract.

5. Please submit the completed forms to enplus@pelletcouncil.eu and send 2 signed copies by post mail to AEBIOM office:

AEBIOM – European Biomass Association
Place du Champ de Mars 2
1050 Brussels, Belgium

6. In case of pellet producers and traders with bagging station, the inspection body will perform an annual on-site inspection. Regular traders need to undergo one on-site inspection in the beginning of every certification period followed by remote inspections in the years between the on-site inspections. Voluntary traders have to undergo an initial on-site inspection in the first year followed by remote inspections in the years after.

7. If your company fulfills the requirements for certification, you will receive an invoice for the license fees for the on-going year.

8. After your payment, you will receive the certification seal, the certificate, and the countersigned license contract.