Coming into force and transition period

The ENplus® Handbook version 3 will come into force simultaneously with its publication on 1st August 2015. As a consequence, all the companies that will be certified from 1st August 2015 will have to comply with the Handbook version 3.

To minimize the inconveniences for the companies that have been certified prior to the coming into force of the Handbook 3.0, a phase out process will be implemented, by offering transitional periods to these companies to comply with the new requirements.

Until 31st December 2015, these companies may continue to produce and trade pellets in accordance with the requirements defined in the Handbook version 2.0 and are therefore allowed to refer to the European standard EN 14961-2 in all their documentation. From 1st January 2016, the Certification Bodies and Inspection Bodies will check, during their periodical inspection and control, the compliance of companies with the requirements stated in the Handbook version 3.

Until 30th April 2017, these companies may continue to use bag designs complying with the Handbook version 2.0 requirements and may continue to use the certification seal from the Handbook 2.0 on delivery note and marketing material. From 1st May 2017, the Certification/Inspection bodies and the National Licensers will control that no more use of the previous bag design and certification seal versions is made.