ENplus® Handbook 2.0 (1 May 2013-2015)

The handbook is reviewed on a regular basis in order to take into account ongoing developments of the pellet sector. After an extensive reviewing process supported by the “PellCert” project (see www.pellcert.eu) the revised handbook is now available for download. Modifications to the previous version are explained in a separate document. Version 2.0 will go into force the latest 1 May 2013.

Download ENplus® Handbook 2.0 (April 2013, pdf, 700KB)

Clarifications, program improvement and better usability of the handbook were the main reasons for revising the handbook in a comprehensive way. All ENplus® stakeholders (especially producers, traders, pellet associations and inspection/certification companies) were involved in multiple ways:

  • national workshops in 10 countries
  • international workshops and auditors trainings
  • direct web-based consultation
  • personal discussion

A summary of main changes (intended for ENplus® stakeholders familiar with the previous handbook version 3.5.2011 is available for download

Main changes in ENplus® Handbook 2.0 compared to 3.5.2011 (pdf, 160 KB)

Information on the Schedule of Fees for the ENplus® certification can be found here.


The ENplus® Handbook version 2.0 has been translated in 10 languages!

Language Country Website
German Germany www.enplus-pellets.de
German Austria www.enplus-pellets.at
Swedish Sweden Click here
Finnish Finland Click here
Spanish Spain http://www.pelletenplus.es/
French France Click here
French Belgium Click here
Italian Italy http://www.enplus-pellets.it/
Hungarian Hungary Click here
Portuguese Portugal http://www.anpeb.pt/#!enplus/c23jc
Lithuanian Lithuania Click here
Czech  Czech Republic Click here