Country reports

In January 2012 the partners of the PellCert project have published a series of national pellet reports as well as statistical fact sheets. Reports were supported by inquiries to pellet stakeholders. The following main points were elaborated:

  • Pellet markets
  • Pellet quality and certification
  • Sustainability
  • Conclusions and outlook

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List of Submitted Deliverables:

WP1: D1.1 Final Publishable Report

WP2: D2.1 European Pellet Report

WP2: D2.1bis European Pellet Report

WP2: D2.2 Report on Pellets for Power Use

WP3: D3.1 Common Position of the Industrial Sector

WP3: D3.2 Common Position of the HLG

WP3: D3.3 ENplus Consolidated Handbook (draft)

WP3: D3.3a-k ENplus consolidated handbook DU (domestic use) EN + translation in 10 languages

WP3: D3.4 Report on Consultation Activities

WP4: D4.1 Working Document on Sustainability Scheme (updated)

WP4: D4.2 Common Position of the pellet supply chain in all participating countries

WP4: D4.3 Included in D3.1

WP4: D4.4 Included in D3.2

WP4: D4.5 Included in D3.4

WP4: D4.6 ENplus sustainability scheme

WP4: D4.6 Included in D3.4

WP5: D5.2a-i ENplus national leaflet

WP5: D5.3 Compilation of National Leaflets

WP5: D5.3 Report on Communication/Consultation Activities

WP5: D5.4a-c Reports on the 2nd national workshop (SE, ES and IT)

WP5: D5.4a-j Reports of workshops in all participating countries (10 reports)

WP5: D5.5 Report on the 6 ENplus training for auditors

WP5: D5.5a Report First ENplus Training for Auditors

WP5: D5.5b,c Reports of 2nd and 3rd ENplus training course

WP5: D5.5d Report on the 4th ENplus training

WP6: D6.2 Updated handbook on ENplus and sustainability criteria scheme

WP7: D7.2 Partners’ websites and webpages

WP7: D7.3 ENplus Project Leaflet

WP7: D7.4 AEBIOM Presentations in International Conferences

WP7: D7.5 AEBIOM Articles in International Magazines/Newspapers

WP7: D.7.5 ENplus workshop beside the AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference

WP7: D7.6 AEBIOM Dissemination Through its Members

WP7: D7.8a 1st ENplus Newsletter

WP7: D7.8b 2nd ENplus Newsletter

WP7: D7.8c 2011 AEBIOM newsletters ENplus extracts

WP7: D7.8d 2012 AEBIOM newsletters ENplus extracts

WP7: D7.8e 2013 AEBIOM newsletters ENplus extracts

WP7: D7.8f 2014 AEBIOM newsletters ENplus extracts

WP7: D7.9 Proceedings of the final workshop

WP8: D8.1: A set of updated IEE Common Performance indicators including their baseline and assumptions for extrapolation

WP8: 8.2 Presentation given during the workshop “Impact and Achievements of IEE Bioenergy projects”, Brussels, 22/05/2014




Input to the ENplus® handbook update:

D3.1 and 4.3 Common position of the industrial sector (pdf, 252 KB)

D3.2 and 4.4 Common position of the HLG (pdf, 264 KB)

D3.4-D4.5-D4.7-D5.3 Consultation and dissemination activities (pdf, 274 KB)

D4.1 Working document on sustainability scheme (pdf, 275 KB)

D4.2 Common position of the pellet supply chain in all participating countries (pdf, 229KB)

D5.4 Reports of 9 consultation workshops in AT, DE, ES, FI, FR, HU, IT, PT, SE (zip, 7MB)

Reports of ENplus® training courses for auditors

D5.5a Report 1st ENplus training_Oct2011 (pdf, 2,3 MB)

D5.5b_Report 2nd ENplus training_Feb2012 (pdf, 530 KB)

D5.5c_Report 3rd ENplus training_Oct2012 (pdf, 672 KB)



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