In January 2012 PellCert project partners have published a series of national pellet reports. Reports were supported by inquiries to pellet stakeholders. The following main points were elaborated:

  • Pellet markets
  • Pellet quality and certification
  • Sustainability
  • Conclusions and outlook

Please use the links below to download the reports:

Austria: AT_pellet_report_Jan2012

Belgium: BE_pellet_report_Jan2012

Finland: FI_pellet_report_Jan2012

France: FR_pellet_report_Jan2012

Germany: DE_pellet_report_Jan2012

Hungary: HU_pellet_report_Jan2012

Italy: IT_pellet_report_Jan2012

Portugal: PT_pellet_report_Jan2012

Spain: ES_pellet_report_Jan2012

Sweden: SE_pellet_report_Jan2012