Sublicensing can be used to allow “paper trading” of bulk pellets without the need for the “paper trader” to be certified. A “paper trader” must not have any physical contact with the pellets or any contract with a service provider who has physical contact with the pellets. This could either be brokers in business-to-business-trade or retail traders working exclusively for one Certified Trader. Sublicensed traders are allowed to sell certified pellets in bulk if a Sublicense Contract is in place. That contract must be signed by both the sublicense trader and the Certified Trader and grants the right to use the Certification Seal of the Certified Trader. The International Management needs to be informed of this within 2 weeks of the contract being made.

The basic principle is that all the physical handling of the pellets shall be performed by Certified Companies. It is mandatory that the non-certified trader does not own technical equipment for wood pellets such as storage sites and delivery vehicles and does not employ any service provider to carry out such tasks.

The template for the sublicense contract is avaliable HERE.