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News 27.02.2020

Counter Statement regarding a publication of the Slovenian association for consumer protection ZPS

Counter Statement regarding a publication of the Slovenian association for consumer protection Zveza potrošnikov Slovenije (ZPS) in the brochurePELETI – VARČNO, UDOBNO IN DO OKOLJA PRIJAZNO OGREVANJE” and the report “Test lesnih peletov”

In the aforementioned brochure/report ZPS makes the following statement with regard to the ENplus® certification for wood pellets:

The certificate (…) does not guarantee the highest quality pellets, but only that the distributor took care of them properly in terms of storage and transport.”

This statement is incorrect. In fact and as a first step, a distinction between producers, traders, and service providers of ENplus® certified pellets is necessary – all groups may qualify to use the ENplus® label for their activities, but only if they successfully pass the respective certification process and eventually conclude a contract where they oblige to adhere to the strict rules and high quality standards set out by the certification scheme.

Therefore, it is not correct that the certification would only safeguard that the “distributor” is taking care of adequate storage and transport. Additionally, all ENplus® certified producers, traders and service providers are clearly listed on our website.

Besides, ENplus® has clear and strict requirements for traders. These requirements are set out in the Handbook, part 2, section 4.4, pp 30. Of course, correct storage and transport of pellets are an integral part of the obligations a certified trader needs to fulfil. However, they are only a small excerpt considering the additional obligations, each certified trader must adhere to (such as the quality management, approval of bags, approval if using the trademark, annual inspections, certificate, etc.).

You can find further information regarding the ENplus® requirements in the Handbook and more details about the certification scheme on this page of our website.