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News 14.04.2020

ENplus® implemented a special surveillance project to verify quality

ENplus® will soon reach 1000 certified companies. This is an achievement that brings increased responsibility and creates a stronger need to protect the certification scheme value. Therefore, ENplus® Management conducted a special surveillance project which aimed to analyse ENplus® certified bags taken randomly from the market.

With quality being our focus, we require that certified companies have a proper management system in place and that they implement self-monitoring procedures approved by their inspection body. However, with the continuously growing number of companies entering the scheme and based on the experience gained along the years, the need of more frequent controls emerged and led us to this special initiative.

Our surveillance project was implemented in Italy, as the country is the biggest importer and consumer of bagged pellets in Europe. At the end of 2019, 25 bags of pellets from certified producers and traders in 15 different countries were bought on the Italian market and analysed according to the ENplus® requirements by an ENplus® listed testing body.

In the cases where nonconforming parameters were found, the certified companies in question have been contacted and required to address the issues as per their complaint management system. The certification bodies of those companies have been involved as well in case any further actions needed.