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News 03.03.2021

ENplus® has increased awareness about the advantages of certified pellets among thousands of consumers across Europe over the winter

ENplus® has organized a communication campaign aimed at informing pellet consumers about the advantages of certified pellets. The world leading certification scheme for wood pellets launched a dedicated landing page and released a short video in October last year to communicate the benefits of verified pellets such as their optimum efficiency, consistent quality, and notable contribution to the reduction of air emissions and maintenance costs concerning domestic pellet appliances.

Four months later, ENplus® reports significant interest in the presented materials. The informative landing page has been visited more than 20 000 times by users in 37 countries, mostly within Europe. One in four visitors of the page also consulted with the list of certified companies to identify local producers or traders of high-quality pellets, or simply to learn if their current supplier is ENplus® certified.

The video promoting the use of certified pellets received more than 31 000 views on YouTube with most of these being registered by users in countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia & Herzegovina where pellets appear to be gaining popularity in the recent years.

“We are pleased to observe this positive trend. Taking into account that most people spent this winter at home because of the pandemic, there’s good reason to believe that many have reconsidered their heating practices in an attempt to find the most efficient solution. The increased user traffic we have registered could serve as an evidence that many consumers still lack information and are uncertain how to recognize high-quality pellets, yet it is also a clear indication that they are interested in the value of the ENplus® seal”, comments Elena Dumitru, the ENplus® Certification Director.

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The communication campaign was supported by the ENplus® National Licensers and the ENplus® National Promoting Associations. Many of these national pellet associations conducted additional activities not just to inform the local end-users about the advantages of the certified pellets but also about the available funding programs supporting the replacement of the old oil and natural gas heating appliances with fully automatic pellet heating systems.

This year, besides communicating to pellet consumers, the scheme governing body, the European Pellet Council plans to introduce a new internal digital tool. The ENplus® Certification Platform will aid the management of the certification database by collecting all information in one place and by facilitating the communication between the different parties involved in the certification process.

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