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News 18.11.2019

ENplus® survey: How the worldwide pellet certification scheme is perceived by its certified companies...

Last year, we asked our ENplus® certified companies to complete a ‘perception survey’, giving them the chance to evaluate the ENplus® certification scheme. More than 141 certified companies answered and we are now pleased to bring you a few insights from the results.

Quality: In the first instance, the results showed that quality is still at the forefront for prospective companies looking to join the scheme. In fact, 8 out of 10 certified companies agreed that being ENplus® certified has helped them to improve both their pellet quality as well as internal quality management.

Communication: Our communication strategies in terms of both promotion and requirements have also been a success story, with 9 out of 10 companies being extremely satisfied with its progress. Our visibility across a number of media outlets along with our clear and concise technical requirements (as found in our handbook) have proved to bring this happy result.

World-leading certification: ENplus®, has also helped around 80% of its certified companies gain new customers, enabling quality brands to stand out from their competitors. Having the ENplus® certified seals on your products guarantees quality and is just one of the reasons why we’re the sought-after certification scheme for quality pellets. Our strong presence on the European market, allows for the scheme to continue to be the world-leading certification for pellet quality; with recent results showing a staggering 70% hold on the domestic market.

Advantages: This survey also highlighted the main advantages of the scheme, defining the three main attractive factors to prospective companies:

1) our worldwide presence
2) our fraud/quality complaint management
3) Not for profit organisation - meaning we reinvest a part of our income straight back into the sector.

With almost 90% of companies telling us that our scheme is essential to their business it’s clear that ENplus® is truly leading the way in ensuring quality throughout the global supply chain!


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